December 2021

Running the bases with BSP Marketing

Running the Bases with BSP Marketing

Running the Bases today with Viktoria Altman the Founder and CEO of BSP Legal Marketing a highly focused digital marketing agency – helping lawyers get to the top, one google search at a time. BSP Legal Marketing was started by Viktoria Altman, who is a serial entrepreneur and a former paralegal. As a successful entrepreneur, she understood what it takes to start a small business – but more importantly what helps a small business succeed.

Running the Bases with Small Businesses – HG Agents – eXp Realty

Running the Bases with HG Agents

Running the Bases today with Michael Henry the Founder at HG Agents eXp Realty – an Ohio-based realty agency. HG Agents is a full-service real estate company employing a staff of trained and experienced professionals, equipped with proven and modern techniques in the listing, marketing, sale, and purchase of residential real estate throughout Northeast Ohio.