John Jonas – Running the Bases

Running the Bases with – John Jonas

Running the Bases today with John Jonas, Founder and CEO of OnlineJobs.PH

He created the world’s largest website for finding Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. His company has over 2 Million resumes, and he currently has over 500,000 employers worldwide.

Premium Digital Press Release Dashboard

Sample Press Release Reports

Our comprehensive press release reporting offers dual benefits for our clients. Firstly, we provide a detailed report outlining all the platforms where your press release has been distributed, complete with direct links for easy access. Secondly, we also offer an in-depth analysis of the traffic generated by your press release, giving you valuable insights into its effectiveness.

Running the Bases with Small Businesses – Wilde One Films

Running the Bases with Wilde One Films

Running the Bases today with David Wilde, Founder, CEO and Creator of Wilde One Films. David Wilde is a digital media producer who has created five feature films, a crime series, and dozens of short films. He began acting in his thirties to meet girls and eventually ended up in London to attend an acting school. He has since learned how to make a movie, from coming up with an idea to doing the marketing work to getting the finance. Now, he is working on a novel based on a movie he produced for the TV series Crime Lord.

Running the Bases with Small Businesses – HomeRoots

Running the Bases with HomeRoots

Running the Bases today with Gil Bar-Lev from HomeRoots. Gil Bar-Lev is a serial entrepreneur specializing in e-commerce, technology, and software engineering. He had the opportunity to work for Toys R Us and Amazon, and was awarded the most innovative web store award from Amazon in 2013. Growing up in a family of CPAs, he was always interested in coding and software development, which led him to start the Home Roots platform, a digital B2B wholesale solution. Gil advises entrepreneurs in the DTC and B2B space to have a killer product and invest in marketing to stand out in the competitive market.

Running the Bases with Small Businesses – The Largo Group

Running the Bases with The Largo Group

Running the Bases today with Anne Gannon, Principal at The Largo Group. The Largo Group offers innovative solutions to businesses and individuals to meet their accounting and bookkeeping needs. They specialize in monthly bookkeeping, tax services, and business consulting focused on improving efficiencies and the bottom line.