May 2021

Running the bases with Dave Ruel

Running the Bases with Dave Ruel

Running the Bases today with Dave Ruel the CEO at Effic – an innovative leadership development company that helps busy entrepreneurs maximize their impact and freedom.
Dave developed a powerful methodology that he sums up in the best-selling book Done By Noon – How To Achieve More By Noon Than Other Entrepreneurs In A Full Day.

Running the Bases with Cibik’s Dairy Island

Running the Bases today with Rick Cibik from Cibik’s Dairy Island – a unique Chagrin Falls, Ohio-based Ice Cream Shop. Cibik’s Dairy Island is a seasonal ice cream shop that was established in 1976 by Rich and Elaine Cibik. The iconic summer ice cream destination offerings include homemade small-batch craft ice creams, frozen custards, and Dole Whip.