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video production services cleveland

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Video Production Services Cleveland

Video Production Services has become critical. In the age of the internet getting people’s attention is harder than ever. You need something dynamic and special to get people looking at your products and learning about your business.

Having a video production services team that can make great videos for your company’s website, and to post to various social media outlets is a great way to get attention for your company and to get customers interested in finding out more about your business.

Video Products

VIDEO services chagrin falls

If you’re ever going to make commercials for your company you’ll need people skilled at video production services to give you high production values and a quality product you’ll be proud to represent your company.

Our Video Services

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Video Services

If you’ve dreamed of a certain kind of video, we’ve probably done it. Our vast range offers the skills that make big feats happen within realistic limits. Knowing that we took the perfect shot feels like capturing lightning in a bottle—and that feeling is reflected on screen too.

As a video production agency, we do the heavy lifting, refining the logistics to create a successful shoot, and then deliver a final video for use in product and service promotion, in social media marketing, and for internal use.

Nestled between Cleveland and Akron, Chagrin Falls video production company 38 Digital Market offers full service video production including product videos, branding videos, testimonial videos, spokesperson videos and videos for internal use.

brand videos

Telling stories that matter about people, causes, and companies.


Our team of content creators creates unique videos that make your marketing campaigns stand out, get noticed, and most importantly, inspire engagement.


We have written and produced over 100 videos in the last two years alone.


We have several packages that can be customized to your exact needs.


We develop the content marketing plan and work with you to determine key messages, supporting information and graphics.

product & launch

A great video starts with a great product, and we’d love to hear about yours.

Have Some Questions

No worries.  We’re happy and honored to have a consultation with you to learn about your business and see how we can help you grow!

Types of Video Services

Video Marketing Services

Spokesperson Video Production

There are many different types of videos you can make to try to draw attention to your company. You can hire a spokesperson to give the sales pitch for your company and the products it sells. They should be able to read a script and give a positive, uplifting speech for your company. You should be able to review previous performances of the spokesperson to get a feel for how they present themselves and the companies they are representing so you’ll know if you feel right using them or not.

Demonstrator Video Production

Another option is to have a demonstration of your product. With our video production services Cleveland team you could show how excellently your knives cut through produce and hold an edge when being sharpened. Or how cold your thermos keeps liquids that have been poured inside it. Whatever your product or service is there are people out there who understand 1/2 exactly how to show it off in a good light that will be attention-grabbing to consumers who are watching your video. Showing people something interesting is a great way to inspire them to make a purchase. A critical benefit that our video production services Cleveland can do for you.

Styles of Animated Video Services

You might want to make an animated video that will sell your product. Mascots are a great way to brand your company and get people looking to make a purchase and a successful mascot can be used in a marketing campaign that can last years. It’s possible the mascot could be around for as long as your company exists. Finding a great animated video that tells the story of your business is a great way to engage people and get them to look into all the products and services you offer. Check out our video production services Cleveland work examples for samples of our animated projects. If a full-blown animation package might stretch your budget a bit too far you can look into whiteboard animation packages. Another strength of our video production services Cleveland. Black and white images are eye-catching and can give people the info they need about your company without the expenses of having to have everything done in a wide range of colors. Whiteboard animation projects also have a quicker turnaround and can be finished in a hurry if your company needs something done in short notice.

Explainer Video Services

Finally, you can have the explainer video. For products or services that might be a bit confusing to the average person. Video production services Cleveland does a great job of making complex subjects simple and easy to understand for people. Contact our video production services Cleveland are ready to meet with you today to discuss your needs and craft the perfect message for your product and service.


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