November 2021

running the bases with jackpot chicken food truck

Running the Bases with Jackpot Chicken Food Truck

Running the Bases today with Rick Coleman from Jackpot Chicken Food Truck – an award-winning, Greater Cleveland food truck operation. Rick’s food truck has been a “Best of Cleveland” top finisher every year since 2016.

On today’s show, we explore the ins and out’s of operating a food truck – it’s not quite like what you see in the movie “Chef” – but it is exciting, fast-paced, and a lot of work!

running the bases The Random Show

Running the Bases with The Random Show

A little bit of a different show today on Running the Bases – the great experiment! I’m calling this “The Random Show”!

I’m sitting down with one of my favorite guests – Ken Fanger – and we chat about various topics that are important today to our businesses, management and entrepreneurship.

Ken Fanger is the President of On Technology Partners – Known for his 30+ years of experience, Ken takes great pride in helping clients implement the technology and security measures needed to support the strength and resilience of their businesses.

running the bases with clever touch marketing

Running the Bases with Clever Touch Marketing

Running the Bases today with Jenny Abouobaia the Founder at Clever Touch Marketing – a unique Egypt-based, women-led Digital Marketing Agency. Founded in 2017, Clever Touch Marketing has become an industry leader for delivering results in Affiliate Marketing and training others in driving their own success in the industry.