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I want to share the story of one man looking to make it big in a tough industry during one of the hardest possible times to be an artist. Tanner Howe is an LA-based musician, singer, songwriter, and performer who wasn’t going to let a pandemic slow down his devotion to his audience.

The Challenge

Tanner has a growing YouTube channel that boasts over a million views. He turned to press releases to get his music in front of more people the world over and to build up his brand as a devoted artist with creative solutions.

The Solution

The pandemic has been as tough on performers as it has been on their audiences, so we wanted to highlight Tanner’s persistence in not losing touch with the people who love his music.

Our press release focused on Tanner’s surprise drive-up Halloween concerts, which he performed from the back of a pickup truck across 6 different neighborhoods in Orange County, CA. We also linked to recordings of the performances on Tanner’s website and YouTube channel to drive readers to enjoy the experience for themselves.

The Results

Tanner’s story spread far beyond Orange County. In addition to being featured on Google’s Top Stories and more than 100 different news sites, the tale of Tanner’s drive-up Halloween special made it all the way to the London Mercury News.

We Got Tanner Featured On

Big News Network
London Mercury
United Kingdom News
SNN News
San Rafeal News
Plus over 100 more news outlets!

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