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I want to start my case study off with a big name in the SEO field that a lot of readers probably recognize. Not just to attract your attention (did it work?), but to dispel the myth that press releases don’t play a role in SEO.

Craig Campbell was ranked Search Engine Journal’s number 2 most popular SEO expert. In fact, in their write up on him, SEJ specifically highlights how link building is one of his featured skills. So you can probably imagine how humbled I was to have Craig turn to me for press release distribution.

The Challenge

Craig was looking to raise awareness of his free link building guide in order to get it in as many hands as possible to help SMBs and entrepreneurs up their SEO game without breaking the bank.

The Solution

Craig’s guide was just one installment of a larger series of free content he’s been publishing in order to help business owners who had been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. I knew that focusing on the charitable nature of the guide was key to getting the word out. My team and I put together an engaging, news-worthy release that would be easy for the media to share in an environment in which everyone is looking to uplift each other.

The Results

Our press release was featured in AP News, landed several number 1 rankings for relevant search terms, and was even highlighted in Google’s Top News listings. In fact, the Search Engine Journal article I mentioned above specifically cites our AP News release in their discussion of Craig.

Craig Successfully Featured On

Yahoo News
Business Insider
Liverpool Star
Calgary Monitor
Associated Press
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