Running the Bases with Holly Starks

Running the Bases with Holly Starks

Running the Bases today with Holly Starks a leader in the Video Marketing Industry and renowned “Black Hatter” in SEO.  Holly is well recognized as both an online and offline marketer and hosts several live events and boot camps throughout the year helping other marketers reach their full potential in Video Marketing and SEO.  Awarded one of the Top SEO Influencers in 2017, she speaks around the world at conferences and digital marketing gatherings.

Holly shares her experience of operating 3.5 Million Youtube videos over 150,000 channels, 1+ Million Twitter accounts, and 65,000 websites – earning her well into the 7 figures.  She also shares how one day – it all came crashing down.

Holly Starks Running the Bases with Small Businesses

Holly has an incredible story on her entry into the digital marketing world – from food stamps to making over $1 Million in six weeks.  And, she’s never looked back!

Informative, funny (if you think hemorrhoids are funny), and endearing – I think you’ll really enjoy this show.

I never build anything that I’m not prepared to lose.”

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