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I wanted us to look at a more traditional business. Waseda Farms is a Wisconsin-based organic farm and food store. In addition to serving customers at their two Wisconsin locations, however, they also fulfill online orders for organic meats, pet treats, and more. Their story illustrates how press releases can be a perfect strategy even when it comes to e-commerce.

The Challenge

Waseda Farms was looking to gain more national exposure in hopes of boosting online sales. They turned to me for press releases that would get their business in front of media sources in time for the holiday surge of business.

The Solution

E-commerce isn’t always the most newsworthy of topics, but with a small local farm and business, we were able to find a clever angle that made for an attractive human-interest story.

We put together a press release about the upcoming shortage of small turkeys caused by the world-wide reduction in holiday gatherings. However, because Waseda Farms—like many turkey suppliers—had already sold out of the iconic Thanksgiving bird, we also included a section on turkey alternatives that could be ordered from their online store.

The Results

This is one of my favorite stories to share because it’s heartwarming to see a small business grow during hard times. In the weeks following our press release, Waseda Farms enjoyed a 25% increase in online leads and sales. This was likely due to the PR getting featured in Google’s Top Stories listing and being picked up by more than one hundred different media sites.

Waseda Farms Successfully Featured On

London Mercury
Digital Journal
Ask Top Stories
America Rodeo
Top News Wire
Digital Journal
Plus over 100 more news outlets!

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