Running the Bases with Zaman Media

Running the Bases with Smal Businesses today with Qamar Zaman, CEO & Founder of Zaman Media – an uncommon approach to storytelling and positioning clients.  Zaman Media is a leading Dallas-based cutting edge digital disruption company that was founded in 2003 by Qamar Zaman in Grand Cayman of the Cayman Islands and started as an idea on a napkin in his local coffee shop Cafe Del Sol in Grand Cayman.

Qamar shares his story of moving from Pakistan to the United States, then starting a new company in the Caymans.  Nearly penny-less, he eventually relocated to Dallas, TX.  Starting a new company on the love of storytelling

Running the Bases with Zaman Media 

Qamar explains the art of telling a story to provide results for his clients.  He provides insights on the power of your mind-set, and ultimately, what he would like his legacy to be.  It may surprise you.

A great show that kick’s off with Qamar telling about his near-death experience fighting hurricane Ivan in the Caymans.

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