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Running the Bases today with Andrew Stallings Founder and President of the Athelo Group. With over 15 years in the arena of sports and entertainment, Stallings has put all of his chips in on the rising tide of sports athletes and properties. With a brevity of knowledge on the brand, property, and media marketing side of sports – Stallings is looking to bring a unique and innovative dialogue to how the evolution of sports can be brought front and center to a whole new audience of consumers.

Athelo Group –  Running the Bases with Small Businesses

Today’s guest has been quoted as saying “If your Failures are outweighing your successes you’re doing it right”.  He’s okay with the word no and has no trouble going after what he wants.  A Sports Enthusiast with an incredible Work Ethic, Creativity and Drive, our guest today has a company many people only dream about.  On any given day, you can find him at a Nascar Track, at the Beach for a Wind Surfing or Beach Volleyball Competition, or near the ring for a boxing match.  He might be at a photo shoot, a media press session, or hosting a day of meetings with prospective partners hoping to work with his vast network of clients and teams.  He doesn’t like the word “Agent” and much prefers the word “Management”.  

Welcome to the show Andrew Stallings, President and Founder the Athelo Group – Where Athletes meet Opportunities.

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